5 Ways to Support People with Cancer

friend with cancer
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Cancer is one of the worst diseases that could ever hit someone. This is why someone who has it needs a great support system composed of family and friends. The following ways will be helpful for those who know people suffering from cancer.

Get palliative care services for your family member or friend

A lot of cancer cases are discovered when the disease is already in stage 4 or 5, which has a small survival rate. The family and friends must have someone who is an expert in taking care of people with terminal diseases to watch over.

This will at least give the person a fighting chance to have a relatively more comfortable and less painful time. If you want to make sure that your family member and friends with cancer feel supported, consider hiring palliative care services here in Indiana.

Visit as much as possible

When you have a severe disease like cancer, there is nothing quite like the constant attention of your friends and family. When you regularly see your family member or friend, it will make them feel that people value them and inspire them to fight back.

According to MD Anderson Cancer Center, they also want to talk with people that they are close with. They want to laugh and be updated about the things that go on with the lives of people that matter to them.

Have regular contact with them on messaging or social media platforms


If you cannot afford to visit your family member or friend on a regular basis, you should at least reach out to them via social media or messaging applications. Send them a Facebook message about how you miss them and about how you are rooting for them in whatever they are going through.

Research has found that 89% of regular social media and messaging app use can have a positive impact on weight loss among cancer patients. If you can, you might also want to do a video call with them just to check in with them.

Be sensitive with what you say to them

You have to understand that the cancer patient is going through a lot of things and issues in their lives. Experts say that you should not be afraid to talk with your friend, though you should also communicate that you are supporting them in their struggles.

As much as possible, the tone that you should have when you are talking to them is both careful and hopeful. Also, do not be afraid to admit that you do not know what to say at the moment.

Offer to help with some household chores

Even though there is a big chance that they will not accept the help that you will offer, you should tell them that you are willing to help with household chores. At least with this, you will have an excuse to go to their house if needed.

You can help cook if you have great skills in the kitchen. Or you can visit every weekend to help clean out.

Your family member or friend may be going through the toughest times in their lives. The tips above will help a lot to make them feel supported.

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