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It is important for the whole family to visit a dentist in W1 regularly in order to maintain a healthy mouth that will support a person for their entire lives.

It has come to light in recent years that oral health plays a major part in the health of the rest of the body, where gum disease can lead to other complications such as heart disease.

Having a cavity free mouth and knowledge of the importance of looking after their teeth is important for children, establishing a positive relationship between a child and their dentist that can be nurtured for years to come.

How often should a person visit the dentist?

It does vary from patient to patient, but in general it is recommended that a person visit the dentist every 6 months in order to catch any issues before they become too big to handle and need an extraction or filling.

A dentist will be able to advise every patient on their own unique at home treatment which is best for them so that they are able to look after their teeth, gums and whole mouth in the best possible way for them.

A dentist will advise every person on how often they should attend the dentist during their check up, it all depends on how healthy the mouth is and how often teeth are brushed, flossed and rinsed.

What happens at a general checkup?

child with parent at a check-up

After a thorough examination of each individual tooth and the surrounding gums, a dentist will take x-rays if necessary and discuss with their patient the findings.

A medical history is necessary and factors like how much a person drinks, if they smoke and whether they have any dietary issues are discussed, as these factors all have an impact on oral health.

There is a chance for patients to discuss their teeth cleaning habits with a dentist so that they can be advised on the best method for their own teeth. Perhaps a softer toothbrush is necessary for sensitive gums or a gentle reminder to floss is on the cards.

If any work needs to be done, such as a cavity needs to be filled or an extraction needs to happen, the dentist will discuss this and an appointment will be made to carry out this procedure.

Why should everybody visit the dentist regularly?

If a patient doesn’t want to spend a lot of money on their teeth or are afraid of the dentist drill, it is actually wiser to visit the dentist regularly so that problems can be spotted early.

With proper care and small interventions, issues can be avoided before they even start and there is no need for any major procedures to occur.

This will lead to a healthier mouth that can serve a person well for their entire lives, which is what everyone wants.

By maintaining good oral health, a person can experience more confidence with their smile, and this can have a great impact on their social and business lives as well.

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