Can The Smart Hula Hoop Help You Lose Weight?

smart weighted hula hoop
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The pandemic has left many people looking for ways to stay fit without going to the gym. At-home fitness routines have become increasingly popular and according to studies, they are pretty effective. A study from Wakefield Research surveyed 1,000 adults about their at-home fitness routines. 90% described their at-home fitness routines as effective

And with almost half of the people in the United States actively trying to shed some extra pounds, there have been countless fitness trends to try at home—from yoga to CrossFit to good old-fashioned sit-ups.

But one at-home fitness trend has been gaining steam lately: the smart hula hoop. What is it, and can it help with weight loss?

What Is a Smart Weighted Hula Hoop?

The smart hula hoop is a modern version of the childhood classic. This hula hoop features a fixed ring that hugs your waist with a weighted part hanging from the ring on a cord. The point where it’s attached can slide around the ring. It allows you to make different hip movements while targeting your waist and abs.

The smart weight loss tool provides a low-impact workout that can help tone the waistline, improve balance, and burn calories. And because the ring comes with shock-absorbing paddings, it also gives you a massage as you use it. Thus, eliminating labor pain in the lower back.

This innovative hula hoop is also more effective than traditional weighted hula hoops because it stays in place better. Classic hula hoops can be tricky to keep going, but the smart hula hoop’s design means it’s more likely to stay put as you move.

Smart Weighted Hula Hoop for Weight Loss

weighted smart hula hoop
Can a smart weighted hula hoop help you lose some weight? (Photo from Pinterest)

According to Mayo Clinic, the average person can burn about 165-200 calories in 30 minutes by hula hooping. That number jumps to 400 calories for a vigorous workout. And because the smart hula hoop is more advanced than a traditional hoop, you can burn even more calories with this at-home workout. So, it’s an effective way to lose weight and achieve the ideal smart hula hoop before and after fitness goals.

In addition to helping burn calories, the smart weighted hula hoop can also help tone the abs. The added weight means that the user has to engage their core muscles more to keep it going. And because it provides a bit of a massage when in use, the smart hula hoop can also help with cellulite.

Other Benefits of a Smart Hula Hoop

Aside from its weight loss and fitness benefits, a weighted smart hula hoop also provides countless health benefits, including the following:

Improves Heart Health

The smart hula hoop is a great way to get the heart pumping. Cardiovascular exercise improves oxygen flow throughout the body, and the smart hula hoop can help with that. When the body gets into a consistent rhythm, the heart rate will increase, and the lungs will work harder. This will improve blood flow throughout the body. And because it’s a low-impact workout, it’s perfect for people with heart conditions.

Increases Energy Levels

The body releases endorphins or hormones that improve mood and increase energy levels when working out. So, if you’re feeling tired or sluggish, the smart hula hoop can help give you a much-needed energy boost. It’s also a great way to combat stress and anxiety.

Improves Flexibility and Balance

The smart hula hoop is also ideal for improving flexibility and balance. The act of hula hooping requires a lot of twisting and turning, which can help improve your range of motion. And because the hoop is weighted, it challenges your balance, which can help improve your coordination.

Easy and Convenient

The best part about the weighted smart hula hoop is that it’s not too demanding. It’s one of the easy ways to sneak in workouts, even if you don’t have a lot of time. And because it’s small and portable, you can take it wherever you go.

How To Use a Smart Weighted Hula Hoop

To get started, stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and hold the hoop in front of you at waist level. Then, place the hoop around your waist and move your hips in a circular motion. You can also try different hip movements to target other muscle groups. You can hold the hoop with your hands and move it up and down your body for a more challenging workout. Or, you can try squatting or lunging as you hula hoop.

Increase the intensity of your workout by holding weights in your hands as you hula hoop. Or, you can try using a heavier hoop. Just be sure to start slowly and increase the weight or intensity gradually to avoid injury.

The secret to maximizing the benefits of the weighted smart hula hoop is to have fun with it. Indulging in an activity you enjoy will help make working out much more enjoyable. And when you’re having fun, you’re more likely to stick with it and see results.

Does Smart Hula Hoop Really Work?

Several smart hula hoop reviews show that this workout tool is indeed effective. But, like with any workout, the results will vary from person to person. How much weight you lose will depend on how often you use the hoop, your diet, and your overall fitness level.

A study reports that exercising with a weighted hula hoop is more fat-reducing than walking. It is also more effective in reducing abdominal fat mass and LDL (the “bad”) cholesterol levels. The study also found that the smart hula hoop can help improve coordination and balance.


As one of the latest crazes taking over TikTok, users have been raving about this weight loss tool and its benefits. A quick search on the app will show you countless videos of people hula hooping to upbeat music. And many of these videos have amassed millions of views, with users saying the unconventional device makes for a fun, nostalgic cardio workout.

Is a Smart Weighted Hula Hoop Worth It?

With prices ranging from $30 to $100, the smart hula hoop is worth the investment, especially if you’re looking for an easy and convenient workout device. And because it offers many benefits, from weight loss to improved flexibility, you can get your money’s worth out of the smart hula hoop.

Besides, nothing compares to the feeling of satisfaction you get after nailing that hula hoop workout. By getting your hands on a smart hula hoop, you can finally achieve your fitness goals and get the toned body you’ve always wanted.

What is the Best Weighted Hula Hoop?

When choosing the best smart hula hoop, it’s essential to consider your fitness goals and budget. Many options are available in the market today, from simple and affordable hoops to more advanced ones with built-in technology. Here are some of the best hula hoops today:

Dumoyi Smart Hoola Hoop

You can’t go wrong with the Dumoyi Smart  Weighted Hula Hoop. This smart hula hoop is Amazon’s best seller and comes with a satisfaction guarantee. It’s also one of the most affordable options, making it an excellent choice for budget-conscious buyers.


This smart hula hoop has 24 detachable parts that are easy to assemble and configure for all body shapes. The hoop is also adjustable so that you can find the perfect fit. Plus, the 360-degree massage rings help to massage your waist on contact, making your workout more comfortable.


A few users claim that the Dumoyi smart hula hoop is too light, making it challenging to keep in place. Others find that the weight ball does not roll smoothly.

Vetupic Smart Infinity Hoop

As a 2-in-2 fitness device, the Vetupic Smart Infinity Hoop is one of the best smart hula hoops on the market. With 24 detachable massage knots, this hoop provides a 360-degree circular massage. The Vetupic smart hula hoop is noise-free and has a smooth-sliding bearing for a more comfortable workout.


The Vetupic smart hula hoop brags an impressive calorie-burning rate that is twice as high as other fitness devices. The hoop is also adjustable to fit all body sizes. Additionally, the infinity design makes it easier to keep the hoop in place while you work out.


Some users find that the Vetupic smart hula hoop has fragile parts. Others also find that the hoop is challenging to put together.

Gobees Smart Fitness Hoop

For an ultimate weight loss workout, the Gobees Weighted Fitness Hoop is the way to go. This fitness hoop has 3-set bearing slides that revolve around your waist for a more intense workout. The Gobees fitness hoop also provides a low-impact workout, making it ideal for those with joint problems.


The Gobees fitness hoop is one of the lightest smart hula hoops on the market, making it easy to carry around. Additionally, this hoop comes with a soft gravity ball that provides resistance during your workout. The Gobees fitness hoop is also great for toning your waist and improving your posture.


There isn’t much to dislike about the Gobees fitness hoop, making it the best weighted hula hoop on the market. However, a few users find the hoop too light and need more weight for a more intense workout.


Now that you know more about the benefits of using a smart hula hoop and some of the best options, it’s time to start your weight loss journey! This weighted hula hoop is an excellent addition to any fitness routine and can help you achieve your goals in no time.

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