Beyond Vanity: Why Skin Care is an Advocacy for Millennials

woman washing her face
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An annual beauty purchasing survey done by TABS Analytics, a tech-enabled consumer analytics firm, confirms our observation on social media: Millennials are really into skincare.

“Millennials are the highest buyers, the heaviest buyers of skincare,” says Kurt Jetta, CEO of TABS Analytics. According to him, the number of people and the frequency of purchase have been growing steadily.

But contrary to the notion that the craze is rooted solely in sheer vanity, studies show that the ritualistic act of choosing and using a skincare brand is a form of advocacy– support for holistic self-care, and care for the world.


A skincare routine is similar to a daily ritual. We start and end the day doing a ritualistic act of caring for our face. And despite the happenings in between, any mishap or unforeseen circumstance within the span of the day, we are reminded that we are still in control of our lives, that we have the last say on how our day will go. We think of skincare as holistic care, one that has an effect on our mental and emotional wellbeing.

Brands have noticed the consumers’ shift towards wellness. We choose products free from chemicals. The trend in the food industry is also applicable in the beauty industry– there is a growing demand for organic, sustainable, and plant-based products.

As millennial consumers, we are more ingredient-savvy than the generation that came before us. As a matter of fact, in the result of the survey stated above, it is said that we are specifically opting to buy from beauty apps that carry a selection of brands using ingredients sourced from nature. Skincare brands like Decleor are leading the competition for their nature-centric products. This mindfulness is brought by our belief that what we use on our skin affects our health.

The World

moisturizer in a glass container

By selecting sustainable and organic products, we are supporting the planet’s well-being. These products are made with respect for the Earth, from sourcing to production. A majority, if not all, of these products that claim to be eco-friendly, are packaged using sustainable materials. As opposed to other mainstream brands that use harmful chemicals and resources in their manufacturing process.

Moreover, the ingredients of organic skincare are farmed and manufactured organically, thus providing jobs and fair treatment for farmers. As consumers, we are also conscious of every brand’s stand on animal cruelty. We support those that do not test on animals.

Our advocacies are reflected in our daily actions– big and small. Our choices are the sum of our truths, truths that are indicative of what we believe in and what we live for. It’s easy to look at millennials in relation to skincare as a subject of vanity, but all notions carry a deeper explanation, and it’s up to us to inquire further.

What we put in our body is just as important as what we put on it. May our skincare rituals, no matter how mundane, continue to be an act where we can showcase our truths– one serum at a time.

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