Unhealthy Habits You Need to Avoid When Housing Your Seniors

senior couple eating breakfast
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You may not realize it, or you may be aware and not taking this seriously, but you may have developed habits that can make your home unsafe for the members of your family. Habits can always affect your home and household, especially your seniors. Worse, it’s just not the house that is affected but your relationship with the family members, especially your elders if they are living in your house. If you intend to keep your seniors with you, here are some no-nos that you should always avoid:

Keeping Items You Don’t Need

Even if you’re the nostalgic type, keeping defective and outdated articles is unwise since they accumulate dust and add to the clutter of your home. Regularly go through your belongings to identify what you can no longer use. If you’ve already bought new bathroom safety products for your seniors, remove the older versions even if they’re still usable. After all, the more modern models have better features and are more durable because of their newness. Give away or sell your old and unused items. Since someone else might find them more beneficial for their own use.

Leaving Dirty Dishes Unwashed

When you’re tempted to postpone washing your used tableware for whatever reasons, stop and think again. An hour is enough for ants and cockroaches to find your unwashed plates. Being out in the open, especially if there’s water dripping on these still soiled items, sends an irresistible invitation to insects and pests for them to make their way into your kitchen. The presence of these pests can go unnoticed for days or even months and can be the source of illnesses. Their presence can also affect the weaker members of your family, which includes children and seniors.

Being Careless with Security

Do you keep tabs on your windows and doors when you leave your home? Ignoring this isn’t just a threat to your family’s security, but it can also be a hazard to your seniors. When you leave windows or doors open, rats and other small animals may enter your house. Also, when windows are open, dust can enter and accumulate inside your residence, and it can easily trigger allergies with seniors. You may keep windows open to let fresh air in, but you won’t need to do that if everyone is outside.

Ignoring Repair and Maintenance Issues

leaking pipe

Dripping faucets can result in water damage, molds, and even a slippery floor. Uneven floor tiles can cause accidents, especially if your seniors are using a cane or wheelchair. Even cosmetic repairs can be a matter of life and death for those who are weakened by age or have mobility problems. Considering that housing elder people require that you install senior-friendly fixtures, you have no reason to set aside your residence’s upkeep. Remember that at their age, you should consider their comfort and well-being within your property.

If you are still doing any of the aforementioned habits, don’t even try to justify your actions. Admit your mistake and act on what you should do. Think about how clean and safe your house can become in the future and how happy your seniors and other family members will be if you make the proper changes. Keep in mind to care for your home so that it can also care for you and your household.

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