Expert guide: how to choose the right nursing home

Old woman and nurse in a nursing home environment
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If you have a senior loved one, choosing them a nursing home is one of the difficult decisions that you’ll have to make. Making the decision of placing them in a nursing home may be due to their fragile health situation. Whether you are looking for nursing home care for yourself or for a loved one, it is important to make the best decision. Therefore, it is important to know what exactly you are looking for in a nursing home.

Here are some of the factors that will help you in choosing the right nursing home

  • Certification and financial matters

It is important to choose nursing homes certified by Medicare and Medicaid. This is proof that the nursing home has certified nursing assistants who will provide quality care to patients. Additionally, consider the amount of time that the nursing home has been operational. Older ones may have plenty of experience, especially if the staff is comprised of veteran caregivers, but these may also be run down or undermaintained.

  • Location

How convenient is the location of the nursing home? This is a crucial question that you should ask yourself when selecting one. Some nursing homes are located in areas that are less urban and may be difficult to visit. Hence, it is important to choose a nursing home that is convenient for friends and family so that they can visit the patient frequently.

  • Mental and emotional well-being of patients

You should consider the everyday activities undertaken in the nursing home. There are some good activities programs that may help the well-being of the patients. For example, physical exercise may help patients improve their physical strength and maintain their energy levels. Religious services may also improve the emotional well-being of patients. Other important activities that may promote the mental and emotional well-being of patients include educational classes, gardening or light yard work, and community events like bingo.

  • Physical design of the home

Of course, everyone wants to be in a clean and safe environment. Therefore, it is important to consider a nursing home that is welcoming and puts effort into promoting a healthy environment.

  • Availability of special care

What is the patient suffering from? This is an important question when choosing a nursing home. For example, if a patient is suffering from Alzheimer, then you should consider a nursing home that has an Alzheimer unit. Some homes for the aged have a special care area that is restricted to patients with special needs. In addition to that, research about whether your selected home has diagnostic treatment facilities, to ensure that the patient will receive the care that is right for them.

  • Diet

Choose a nursing home with a registered dietitian. This will ensure that the patient receives meals suited to their needs.

2 old men with a nurse

  • Safety

Safety is crucial when it comes to choosing a nursing home. Some of the factors that you should look for include; emergency call systems, fire safety systems, handrails along elevated planes and steps, and plenty of ramps that are not too steep.

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