Reinforce Your Child’s Courage During Doctor’s Check-Ups

doctor giving a high five to young patient
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If you think it’s a nightmare for you as a parent to fight with a wailing and upset child each time you visit your doctor’s clinic, have you ever wondered how worse it could be for your son or daughter?

As adults, we have more control over our feelings compared to our little ones, and because of this, they need you to help them through their required list of medical “ordeals.” That being said, here are a few effective ways of making that doctor’s appointment a little less traumatic for you and your kids.

1. Boost knowledge.

Before you bring your whole family to visit your clinic in Lehi, set aside a day to talk with your child about medicine, doctors, shots, and other topics that can trigger their fears. Choose to chat with your child over milkshakes or while playing video games.

These options will allow you to connect with your offspring while reducing the stress factors of the conversation. Also, purchase a toy doctor’s kit to further reduce the tension while allowing you the opportunity to explain to your child the importance of medical procedures.

2. Be supportive.

Trying to tell them that there’s no reason to be afraid isn’t exactly true if you think about it. Remember, most children are afraid of shots. Feeling that pinprick, no matter how you declare how painless it is can still terrify your child.

Instead of telling them that it isn’t going to hurt, admit that it will but assure them that you’ll be with them all throughout. Children find comfort in the presence of their parents so being with them to hold their hand or hug them while they get their injections will help them cope throughout the examination.

doctor playing with toddler

3. Bring a friend.

Most likely, your child will have a favorite toy, plushy, or pillow that they call their “best friend.” Having a literal security blanket does help children manage their fears so suggest that they bring their beloved plaything when visiting your family doctor.

You might want to call your chosen clinic or medical institution about your child’s special companion before your arrival. This is just to reassure you and your kid that their special companion will be guaranteed passage inside the doctor’s office while the check-up is going on.

4. Build enthusiasm.

Any task is worth completing if you gain a prize in the end. Give your child something to look forward to at the end of their treatment, such as a movie, a trip to the park, or a visit to Grandma and Grandpa.

Praise them for how brave they were to family and friends with a social media post after their medical appointment. Buy them a toy or a treat and give them time to enjoy it before heading home. Be creative with your choices so that your son or daughter will truly enjoy their prize.

One of the most important responsibilities of a parent is to make sure that their child is well taken care of. Therefore, bringing your kids to the clinic for their regular check-ups and medical requirements is required of you. However, keep in mind that you should also choose your family doctor with care so that should also be a priority. After all, it’s your child’s health and well-being that is on the line.

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