Fun and Fit Concepts for School and Community Health Drives

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School activities put a lot of focus on academics. Aside from science and mathematics, health is also a subject, but it seldom gets full focus. While children are sent to school to learn, there should also be activities that promote better health for them. A lot of times, parents and teachers are concerned about their kids getting good grades, and that’s understandable. However, you should also take note that students are also in need of the right nutrition to fuel and condition their minds for study. Promoting better health doesn’t need to be another boring extracurricular topic, so here are some suggestions as to what kinds of activities you can do to make it an interesting educational experience.

Dental Missions

Taking care of our oral health might be a boring topic inside a classroom when approached in the usual way. However, if you go about teaching it differently, it can be a fun activity and an informative event to learn how to take care of their precious teeth. You can include film viewing, skits, and free services from a devoted pediatric dentist in Salt Lake. An appointment is always an alien experience for some children, so you can take the opportunity to let them experience it in a place where they won’t feel isolated and afraid. Students also eat in school, so it’s important for them to be conscious of their oral health even when they’re there.


Physical education is a subject, and it’s mandatory for them to learn and play sports. However, not everyone has an interest in it. A great way to encourage them to try more physical activities is to introduce unusual and interesting ones. Dance is one of those. Students and their parents can try out different kinds of dance and even apply for a quick lesson. Martial arts are also examples where they can learn both self-defense and discipline. What’s good about this is that it doesn’t need to be a regular activity that they should commit to, just an occasional exercise to make their body stronger and leaner.

Food and Nutrition

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When we’re young, we’ve been told about the food pyramid and how we should eat different kinds of food to keep our body healthy. But talking about these in class can become boring fast, even though it’s an important topic. What you can do to spice things up is to teach children about nutrition through cooking expositions, contests, or even food fairs. If the school has a big lot, you can even transform part of it into a mini-farm where they can grow edible plants. Not only will it be fun, but it will also a great event that will satisfy your taste buds while learning about what to eat.

School is often called a second home, and as such, it should also be a place that helps us take care of our health and nourishes our body. School life is a pivotal point for most of us, and we tend to discover new things in this period. So why not let the children become aware of the proper way of taking care of their body? After all, health is wealth.

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