Realign Your Skincare Routine

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Remember all those commercials that you’ve seen about skin and how it needs to be pH balanced? It turns out you should be paying attention to them.

Beauty products are becoming more sophisticated each season, and with the rise of Philippine-made moisturizing lotions and facial creams, they are also becoming easier to buy and match the conumers’ skincare needs. While this is a good thing, it is also dangerous for the majority of customers who are uninitiated and uninformed about the proper way to observe appropriate skincare.

If your skin sensitive, dry, scaly, acne-prone or all of these at the same time, then you’re not alone. According to the GSK Skin Health Asia Pacific Consumer Report, up to 70% of Filipino women suffer from dry and easily irritated skin. Most of these women have reported skin sensitivity for the last year, and half of them will not go to a dermatologist to resolve their skincare woes.

Your skin’s pH (potential of hydrogen) is in a level that’s a little under 5.5, which means it is slightly acidic, and anything over that is not good for you. If you have normal skin and notice that it suddenly acts up, then it’s probably because your skin isn’t pH balanced, which in turn leads to a compromised skin barrier. And if visiting a dermatologist is not an option, fret not as there are dermatologist-endorsed, not to mention, science-based measures that you can do at home.

Improving your Skincare Routine

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Start by taking a break from your current skincare routine. Sometimes a few days of rest from products, to let your skin breathe and recover by itself is all you need.

Determine which product irritates the skin. Slowly introduce the old products to your routine starting from the basics like facial wash and later on, the serums. Consider doing a patch test. Apply the product on a thin skin area for three days to see if you’d develop a reaction to it. If you did not experience a reaction, then that’s the time the product can stay in your routine.

Focus on using milder products until your skincare issue has been resolved. Go back to basics. Try to use soap-free products and pH balanced to alleviate symptoms of dryness or irritation. Stop using actives and products that contain too many essential oils or plant extracts.

Moisturize your skin. More often than not, skin care problems are caused by lack of hydration. Low level of moisture leads to dry, dehydrated, and itchy skin, both on the face and body. Make sure to use a moisturizing lotion, especially now that summer is coming up. Remember to use a mild moisturizer that has natural skin-friendly oils, such as coconut, sunflower, and olive, to hydrate and protect your skin barrier.

These things are your first line of defense against skin pH imbalance. Building tolerance to products before applying them regularly, as well as focusing on having a simpler routine will help you maintain your skin pH level for the long-term.
Skin problems usually occur due to improper or insufficient skincare. Follow the above-mentioned tips to realign your skincare routine and potentially solve your skin problems. If all else fails, never hesitate to consult with a dermatologist.

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