Braces in Edinburgh

A dentist putting braces on a patient's teeth
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Keeping on the straight and narrow

Most people think that braces in Edinburgh are a right of passage for many teenagers and as that time passes, the opportunity to have the straight teeth of their dreams passes along with it.

Having straight teeth not only have a positive effect on a person’s confidence; improving their self esteem and allowing them to go further in their ventures as they are no longer subconsciously concerned about their smile.

There are also many other benefits associated with having straight teeth, from correcting a person’s bite, improving their speech, creating a more youthful appearance and allowing for a cleaner mouth, reducing the chance of gum disease which has been associated with many other conditions throughout the body, such as heart disease.

So, adults can straighten their teeth too?

Yes! Of course they can. There are heaps of brands available that offer solutions for every adult when it comes to re-organising a smile. Time and cost are big factors for working individuals who don’t want to have to spend years altering their smile.

Many dentists have recognised this and designed systems that are able to achieve exactly what a patient wants, whilst ensuring there is nothing they don’t want.

By focusing on straightening the teeth that are visible when a patient smiles and not concerning themselves with altering the overall bite, options have become available that allow people to have a perfect set of straight teeth in record time.

How can someone straighten their teeth in record time?

There are three main categories of teeth straightening procedures that are jointly aimed to straighten an adult’s teeth whilst immensely reducing the time it takes to achieve such a perfect smile.

These three categories are broken down as such: removable braces; these offer the lowest cost solutions to crooked teeth, a clear or invisible option; the well known brand Invisalign is an example of these and the program 6 Month Smiles, offering maximum control over tooth positioning at a very reasonable cost.

Why should an adult consider straightening their teeth?

girl with braces smiling

There are so many reasons why a person should not give up their dream of having a confident smile that they have always dreamed of.

Not only is having straight teeth a massive confidence booster, allowing an individual to move past their internal barriers that hold them back from doing everything that they are capable of, there are many health benefits to having straight teeth as well.

It is easier to clean teeth that are not crooked, as each tooth on all sides is able to be reached by a toothbrush. It is very common for plaque to build up in hard to reach places and a partial tooth hidden behind another is a great example of this.

Teeth that are cramped are harder to floss and this can lead to a whole host of oral health issues, which can lead to further complications as time goes on.

It is important therefore not only for a patient’s confidence and emotional wellbeing to have straighter teeth, but also for their physical wellbeing as well.

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