So you need a new dentist?

new dentist
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Do you have a crooked smile, yellowing teeth or simply feel like you need a good scale and polish? There are many reasons why all of us need dynamo dental care, and finding the best practitioner for you is important as you and your dentist are going to be in cahoots regarding your teeth for a long time!   Regular trips to a good clinic are a must for maintaining good oral hygiene, but what if you have just moved into a new area, or are not happy with your present dental establishment?

Be honest with yourself

Is it really just a checkup you think you need or are your teeth really, honestly, starting to lose their shine? It may be only regular dentistry that you need such as a good once over and a clean. But if it is a bright white smile that you are after or you suspect you may have gum disease or have lost a tooth, you may need more cosmetic dental treatments.  So it is always worthwhile researching your options thoroughly so that you have a broad picture of where, how reliable and how expensive various practices are.

The internet is your friend

No need to rake through the yellow pages in these modern times, as all the information you need will invariably be on the internet.  First, familiarise yourself with the locations of each dentist you interested in and decide whether you would prefer a clinic close to your home or near to where you work. If it is far away from both, look at the one with the best transport facilities nearby. Take a look at the range of treatments available and how much these cost too.  And why not ask friends and family who they use….word of mouth recommendations are always worthwhile noting!

Keep to your budget

keeping a tight budget

If you have an idea of how much you are happy to spend on any dental work, stick to it.  Cheap but good dental work is not always a good thing. Finding an amazingly good deal may mean you end up paying more for treatment in the long run!  It is always a plus to have any additional information such as costs upfront so that you are aware of all aspects on offer before you make your final dental choices.

Make sure you are asked the right questions

Oral health is a good indicator of general health and any good dental professional will always ask you about any medical history and general health.  Some medical conditions have an impact on your teeth, mouth and gums. It is important that you relay any information that is to do with your medical history and that when you have your check up that you are also examined for overall oral health and any signs of abnormalities.

And finally, welcome to happy smile heaven!

So do your thorough research and allow yourself to feel much more confident about your first dentistry visit!

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