Massive Clutter Problem? Here’s How to Overcome It

man having an headache with his cluttered desk
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You have probably already heard of Marie Kondo’s famous decluttering method, which is disposing of things that no longer “spark joy.” While this is a great concept, some people find it uncomfortable. After all, they did spend a lot of their money buying all their stuff.    

We do not intend for you to live a minimalistic life, nor do we want you to throw your things out to have extra space. What we are after is to help you live a life free from clutter. Here are a few tips to help you get started.

Get rid of all the trash in your purse   

You can start your organizational journey with a small step. Take a look at your purse, where receipts, long shopping lists and all other trinkets tend to multiply exponentially every month. Get rid of these things, which you probably do not even remember being there.

Instead, reserve your purse for cash, payment cards and IDs. Then, you might want to keep everything else in a coupon organizer so that they will not mix in with your other stuff.  

Declutter in focused bursts 

You will not be able to really clean up if you take the entire day rummaging through all your things. What you should do is create a plan targeting specific areas to declutter each day. You should try to clean and organize based on each area of your house.

Creating a plan with the help of professional home organization services will make it much easier for you to hold everything over a prolonged period. It is best to stick to this routine so you will not use up all your energy.   

Organize your closet   

organized closet using wood hangers

Closets tend to become a jungle if not managed properly. So, get your things organized before it gets too late. One pro tip is to hang clothes that are similar in type and color so that it will be easier for your eyes to search for items inside.

You should also keep the hanger space and avoid pushing your clothing in tight corners. Also, keep your seasonal clothes, say, thick jackets, gloves and other winter clothing, in a box whenever you are not using them.

Clean up your mudroom   

One of the first things that people see in your home is your mudroom or entrance. So, make a ritual of unloading everything once you get inside your house. Experts suggest setting up a hook where you can place your keys and a pouch for any of your outgoing mail.

Using a wall system to help you identify all the items inside will ensure that you will not be losing any of your stuff again. You can consider using large stacking drawers and a few woven baskets for sorting out your things.

Cleaning up all the mess in your home can take a long time to complete. But there is no doubt that it will feel rewarding once you see how organized your house has become as soon as you are done. 

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