Senior Living Options: Places Where Seniors Can Stay Long Term

Elderly woman looking at a caregiver
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As a person ages, their ability to properly take care of themselves start to decrease. This is why it becomes important to hire added care for seniors to ensure that they still get a good quality of life. Here are some options available now.

Nursing Home

Nursing homes here in Worcester, MA are usually the first thing in people’s minds. Nursing homes are only advisable, though, to seniors who already have a problem with basic tasks or activities. Often staffed with specialized nurses, a nursing home may also double as a hospice for seniors who are seriously ill.

It can be quite expensive, but worth it for ailing seniors.

Aging at Home

Of course, there’s also the option of aging gracefully in your own home and simply having a stay-in or stay-out nurse to help with day to day tasks. This is ideal for seniors who like their independence and had the foresight to prepare their home for elderly life.

For example, grab bars and ramps have been installed beforehand.

Assisted Living Program

Seniors who need help but not all the time can choose an ALP or an Assisted Living Program. These services function primarily like a community where seniors have an array of activities they can participate in to keep them mentally and physically challenged without pushing too far.

ALP’s often pay particular attention to medical limits like medicine, diet and personal health readings.

Adult Homes

Adult homes are different from senior facilities in that they accept younger individuals within their walls. Adult homes cater to adults who are unable to care for themselves due to one reason or another. Services often include meals, personal care, housekeeping, and supervision.

Family-Type Homes

Elderly people in the living roomThose who want a cozier setup and are relatively healthy enough to enter an ALP can opt for family-type homes instead. Under this setup, seniors live with a family with the members as their primary caregivers. Typically, the setup includes three other seniors – creating a small little niche where everyone knows everyone but without being too crowded.

Enriched Housing

For seniors who value their privacy and independence, enriched housing is a retirement setup where seniors have their own tiny houses to maintain. Each small house is self-contained with kitchens, living areas, bedrooms and more.

The houses are part of an even bigger community with the neighbors, also seniors. The management of housing provides seniors with services like meals and housekeeping.

Long-Term Hotel Stay

Typically not considered, staying in a budget hotel can now be an added option for seniors who want a little more luxury in their aging years. There’s been a report on how retirees are buying long-term leases in hotel rooms, allowing them to spend their years in relative comfort – all for a cheap price.

Of course, this is an option available only to those who are still healthy and do not need medical care.

Of course, those are just some of the options available. Note that the current status of the elderly, as well as future needs, should be taken into consideration before making the choice.

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