Which Medical Marijuana Method Is the Best for Rheumatoid Arthritis Pain Relief?

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If you are thinking of using medical marijuana to help manage pain from rheumatoid arthritis, you’re probably wondering what the best delivery system is for it. For RA patients, it can really provide an anti-inflammatory effect and pain relief.

While cannabis could be used for medicating different conditions, not all delivery systems are equally effective. So before you visit your local dispensary in Mesa, take a look below at your options to help you determine the best delivery method for you.

Capsules and Pills

With capsules and pills, dosing is very consistent, you don’t need to inhale anything, and their effects could last as much as eight hours. Sometimes, however, you won’t feel their effect until an hour or so of taking them. Cannabis is, however, fat-soluble so you can take it with some fatty food to get it to absorb faster.

Topical Ointments

These won’t give a high, and you’ll experience immediate relief in targeted areas such as your lower back or joints for several hours. The pain relief, however, doesn’t last as long as other delivery methods, but you can apply some more once the effects wear off.


They don’t involve any vapor or smoke, are odorless and are very easy to take. Plus the effects could last you eight hours. Edibles are especially good if you feel severe and constant pain. They’re even available as gummy chews.



Vaping medical marijuana offers immediate effects, are easier on your lungs when compared to smoking, and is virtually odorless. Basically, vaporizers heat the marijuana so that you can inhale the vapor.

It offers almost instant relief, about a minute or two, just like smoking. In addition, vaping the cannabis flower instead of concentrates won’t produce chemicals released when smoking tobacco.


Tinctures are basically liquids that are administered using a dropper. You can easily experiment with it to figure out the exact dose that will work for your symptoms.

You won’t feel immediate effects, however, as it could take up to 45 minutes for the cannabis to kick in. On the other hand, its effects could last longer than inhaling, without any of the lung irritation risks.

Transdermal Patches

These are basically adhesive patches that contain cannabinoids. It works by absorbing the cannabis through your skin, which will then seep into your bloodstream, and affect your entire body. It offers long-lasting, slow-release, pain-relieving effects without the need to inhale or ingest anything.

Smoking a Pipe or Joint

This is one of the most affordable delivery methods for medical marijuana and the easiest to purchase. It also offers immediate effects. On the other hand, it’s the unhealthiest cannabis delivery method since it can irritate your lungs and the smoke contains toxins that could further contribute to inflammation in your body.

As you can see from above, delivery systems for medical marijuana don’t work equally. So what is the most suitable way to take medical marijuana for rheumatoid arthritis? The answer to this question ideally should depend on your specific needs and tolerance, your budget, and what methods you have easy access to.

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