Six Secrets to Achieving Healthier and Shinier Hair

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Everybody wants to have shiny and lustrous hair. Unfortunately, for some people, this is not always easy to attain. There are many reasons you are having those bad hair day moments. It could be due to stress, improper routine or applying the wrong products. Whatever it is, these tips should help keep your hair vibrant and shiny.

Pick the Right Hair Care Products

When it comes to luxury hair care and treatment products—be it shampoo, conditioner or leave-on cream, you need to make sure you are applying the right one for your hair. For example, if your hair is sensitive or has been coloured, switch to colour-safe shampoo.

Avoid hair care products with sulphates, as these can damage the cuticle layer of your hair. They can also wash away dye molecules, which, in turn, can cause hair dryness.

Use a Shower Cap

You may not believe this, but tap water contains minerals that can affect hair colouration. These minerals can create a film on each strand, adding greenish hue to blondes.

On the other hand, brunettes and redheads may notice dullness to their hair. Minerals from tap water can also make your hair feel rough and tangled. To prevent this, experts suggest using a shower cap.

Protect Your Hair From Too Much Heat

As much as possible, avoid too much sun exposure, especially if you have just treated your hair with colouring products. Always use a heat-protecting spray each time you need to blow-dry or use a curling iron.

If you are going outdoors during midday, consider wearing a hat. Protecting your hair from the sun is important. Others also apply coconut oil before heading to the beach or the pool.

Treat Your Greys

Some women have issues with their hairline a few weeks after a visit to the salon. Others even notice greys around their hairline after a few days. And since you cannot stop your hair from growing, the best remedy for this is to go for DIY roots-only dye.

Apply it on your affected hairline and roots. Do not forget to treat the crown of your head in between salon appointments, too. Ask your hairstylist for recommended brands.

Keep the Brightness

Woman in her vibrant and glowy hair

To get rid of brassiness, many experts suggest applying a purple-tinted conditioner. This works effectively for those who dye their hair often. Most of the time, the problem is when yellow and gold show up for oxidation due to sun exposure or other hair products.

Using a tinted conditioner regularly should prevent this by infusing hair with pigment between touch-ups. You can also keep the brightness by using hair masks with temporary colouring.

Indulge Your Hair With Vitamin E

Vitamin E can keep your hair looking shiny, lustrous and healthy. Apart from capsules or food intake, there are now hair care products you can apply to your strands directly. According to studies, vitamin E can also help improve hair growth.

Now that you have unlocked the secrets for lustrous and glowing hair, you can now feel more confident about yourself. Chin up and have fun!

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