The Importance of Using Disposable Bipolar Forceps

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Bipolar forceps are medical instruments commonly used in electrosurgery. Surgeons use bipolar forceps for cutting, manipulating, dissecting or coagulating tissue. They can also be used for destroying benign or malignant lesions and stop bleeding. The forceps are connected to an electric device that releases electric current between the two tips of the forceps to produce a precise, heating effect.

Bipolar forceps offer better control over the targeted areas and prevent damage to other tissues. They are typically used in neuro and gynaecological surgery as well as dermatological surgery, specifically, for removing skin lesions and skin tags. Bipolar forceps come in different lengths and tip sizes, depending on the type of surgical operation they are meant to be used for.

Why Use Disposable Bipolar Forceps?


Eliminate Cleaning Time

Time is of essence especially when it comes to performing electro-surgical operations. Reusable forceps require time to clean and sterilise efficiently, otherwise, they may put the patient’s health at further risk. Surgeons can save time by using disposable bipolar forceps as they eliminate cleaning time and allow surgeons to use a new instrument during each procedure.

Prevent Tissue Adhesion

The non-stick property of the tips of bipolar forceps conducts heat away, preventing coagulated tissue or blood from sticking on the tips during operation. This allows the forceps to be manipulated and removed without tissue adhesion, hence preventing damage or infection on other areas of the skin or exposed tissue.

Reusable bipolar forceps are subjected to frequent autoclaving or sterilisation which may deform the alignment of the instrument’s tip. This affects the length of time to complete a procedure and may also hinder the surgeons’ ease in handling the instrument during operation. Frequent sterilisation may also reduce an instrument’s insulating properties. When the insulation of non-stick forceps are reduced, eschar and tissue build-up are likely to occur, which may put both the surgical staff and patient at risk. Disposable bipolar forceps provide surgeons with high-quality instruments with uncompromised tip alignment during every procedure.

Increased Safety

Disposable bipolar forceps are packaged pre-cleaned, sterilised, and tested so they may be used immediately. They are designed for single-use only to prevent cross-contamination or infection. In an environment where re-processing, or the cleaning and sterilisation of surgical instruments, can be time-consuming, single-use forceps are advantageous to minimise further health risks to patients.

Saves Time

sterilising surgical tools

Sterilising reusable bipolar forceps can be costly and time-consuming. The instrument’s insulating properties, shape, and condition may also be affected during the sterilisation process. As best practice, forceps and cables must be tested after use to ensure that they are still working properly and to avoid risks of burns or shocks due to malfunctioning instruments and equipment. Using disposable bipolar forceps eliminates all these concerns as they can be available all the time to meet demanding clinical situations. They can cut and seal tissue quickly and with little pressure, making surgical procedures easier to complete.

As shown above, using disposable bipolar forceps are advantageous in performing electro-surgical operations because they can be readily used at all times, they provide outstanding cutting and sealing capabilities and they require no reprocessing costs.

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