Do you suffer from dental awkwardness? Braces Liverpool could be the answer!

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If you think that having misaligned teeth is just something that you have to live with because it is what you have been given, think again. Our highly accomplished team has been correcting orthodontic conditions for years, bringing relief and confidence to our patients. Braces Liverpool are appliances utilised to correct your bite by realigning, straightening, and repositioning your teeth. Over many decades, the appliances at our disposal have evolved into dental appliances that allow us to take a more targeted approach to your treatment. The diagnostic equipment that is now available is so advanced that we are able to produce 3D images. The software that we use can take those images and produce a virtual image of your smile. This allows you to see an actual post treatment image before your treatment even starts. So, if you have an overbite, underbite, crossbite, crowded mouth, crooked teeth, or any other malocclusion problems then let our experienced team help you to achieve a happy, broad, confident smile.

Oral health compromised

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Malocclusion is defined as the faulty location of teeth when the mouth is shut. Caries or tooth decay is a very common result of malocclusion. Because it is difficult for you to reach certain areas between and around your teeth, plaque accumulates. This not only causes tooth decay but can also cause periodontitis which is gum disease. Your teeth can become loose because periodontitis gradually destroys the bone that provides support for your teeth.

Thorough examination

To provide you with the correct treatment, we will conduct a very thorough examination of your dental cavity. We will also interview you to be able to collect all the relevant information required, to create a proper treatment plan. Our team will also need to establish if you have any teeth that are in need of filling, root canal treatment or extraction. On completion of our examination we will discuss your condition and we will identify the treatment options that are available to you. Our team will guide and advise you and encourage you to take your time to think about your treatment, to make all the enquiries that you feel are necessary, to make a properly informed decision.

Dental straightening appliances

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Technology has been at the forefront of developing a variety of dental appliances for malocclusion treatment ranging from inconspicuous to conspicuous. We will accommodate any personality; some patients prefer clear braces Liverpool, whilst others are quite happy to have a colourful appliance. There are essentially five principal types of braces Liverpool that are available; fixed, lingual, self-ligating, ceramic, and removable. They are produced using a variety of materials ranging from metals and alloys to approved plastics, all of which have a high biocompatibility. They can be clear or colourful, the choice is yours. Traditionally blocks are fixed to the front of your teeth and then wires and bands are attached to apply the necessary pressure to move your teeth. Lingual braces are fixed to the inside of your teeth and are therefore less obtrusive. Instead of using bands self-ligating use a sliding bracket and are available in metal or ceramic. Ceramic are usually more comfortable and have a more tooth coloured appearance. Removable aligners are clear and fit over your teeth more like a gum shield and can be removed to allow for eating and cleaning.

Your satisfaction is our inspiration

If you have a form of malocclusion, our dedicated team is here to apply their years of experience and their abundant skills to bring a warm, unembarrassed smile to your face and eliminate any awkwardness.

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