Gaining a full set of teeth with dental implants Richmond

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Losing a tooth or several teeth can be a harrowing experience for anyone, and it will often leave a lasting negative effect upon a person’s mouth that may lead them to make small changes in their daily life. Many people who lose teeth decide to avoid consuming tougher foods as they find that they can not bite and chew foods such as nuts and some tougher meats without experiencing some difficulty and discomfort. This is due to the fact that they may be using the gum and jawbone to carry out some of the actions needed to eat.

After losing teeth, many people start to investigate the various ways that are available that aim to help patients to replace their missing teeth; this may bring people into contact with devices such as dentures, which may be used in cases of extreme tooth loss; or bridges, which are perfect for replacing a small number of teeth or a single tooth.

For many patients, the dental devices mentioned above offer a reasonable solution to the tooth loss they have experienced, even though the devices discussed may also come with their own challenges such as moving around in a patient’s mouth. For patients who are looking for an alternative to the use of bridges and dentures, dental implants Richmond may offer them a solution that is fixed sturdily in the mouth and feels natural, as they are designed to feel just like the natural teeth of a patient.

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Causes of tooth loss

While it should be recognised that having poor oral hygiene and health standards can be a contributing factor to someone suffering tooth loss, it is by no means the largest contributor to tooth loss among adults living in the UK. More people lose teeth each year due to being involved in an accident where the mouth and jaw suffer a severe blow or impact that then displaces or dislodges a tooth or several teeth, an example of this would be being involved in a car crash or sporting injury that causes the lower face area to suffer a strong blow.

After the loss of a tooth or several teeth, a patient may start to feel that they want to replace the teeth that are missing with new teeth that are fixed firmly in the intended position in their mouth. Dental implants are intended to look, feel, and act just like the patient’s normal teeth; they are also hard-wearing enough to cope with the stresses and hazards of use in daily life.

One of the benefits of this treatment is that once the replacement teeth have been inserted into a patient’s mouth, they may feel that any of the teeth surrounding the area of the loss will feel supported, this will stop any of the remaining teeth from feeling loose or wobbling.

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Say no to missing teeth

Patients no longer have to live with gaps in teeth mouths where there used to be teeth, dental implants Richmond can now give patients back their missing teeth.

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