Replacing missing teeth with dental implants Windsor

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Tooth loss can be a huge ordeal as an adult because contrary to popular belief, tooth loss is not a natural part of the ageing process. Rather, with good dental hygiene and regular visits to your dentist and hygienist, you can maintain your teeth for the whole of your life.

Tooth loss occurs mainly as a result of gum disease which can be categorised into two types; gingivitis and periodontitis. Gingivitis is a reversible gum infection whilst periodontitis is an irreversible condition which affects the supporting structures of the teeth, and eventually results in tooth loss.

It is important that you visit the dentist regularly so that gingivitis can be treated quickly and successfully, and ultimately prevented from developing into periodontitis. If you do develop periodontitis, the dentist can maintain the health of your gums by carrying out regular deep cleaning to remove plaque and tartar from below the gum line, from the roots of your teeth, and from inside the pockets that form within your gums. Some patients may require a gum or bone graft as a result of periodontitis and this can help prolong the life of your teeth, other patients may require laser surgery to improve the condition of their gums and again prolong the life of their teeth.

Speak to your Dentist and find out about maintaining your dental health. If you have avoided the Dentist, then gingivitis can quickly develop into periodontitis which can result in missing teeth. Tooth loss itself has a range of consequences; it affects the aesthetic appearance of your smile, which can affect your self confidence and your self-esteem. However, more seriously, it can affect the health of your remaining teeth and result in further tooth loss. The best way to deal with this is to replace your missing tooth sooner rather than later.

What are dental implants?

dental implant

You can speak to your dentist and find out about dental implants Windsor. Dental implants Windsor are a permanent solution to replacing your missing teeth. Dental implants Windsor are small titanium screws that are inserted directly into the bone socket of your missing tooth so that it becomes a strong foundation for your choice of prosthetic. A dental implant can be used to fix a single crown or a set of dentures into your mouth depending on how many of your teeth are missing. An implant on its own can support a maximum of three artificial teeth.

Dental implant surgery

dentist doing a treatment to a patient

Dental implants are fixed into your jaw by a natural healing process. Your dentist will make sure you have no underlying health conditions which may affect your body’s ability to heal. They will make sure that you have sufficient healthy bone and gum to hold the implant and if not you may require a gum graft or a bone graft. Once you are ready for the procedure you will be booked in for dental implant surgery. This is an invasive procedure which will be carried out under local or general anaesthetic. It takes between 1-2 hours, after which the healing process will begin and within a few months you should be able to replace your missing teeth. Speak to your dentist today and find out more.

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