The Most Common Injuries That Athletes Face

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In the rough and tumble world of sports, incurring injuries is so common it seems it is the way of life for most athletes. There is a branch of medicine that deals with these kinds of injuries called sports and exercise medicine.

A sports medicine specialist in Suwannee, GA, is a practitioner who has trained in both the treatment and prevention of injuries. They diagnose, treat and help prevent injuries during training, physical events, and sports competition.

Their main role is to diagnose and treat disorders of the musculoskeletal system. They order laboratory tests and interpret the results from diagnostic imaging procedures, giving a comprehensive evaluation of what medical procedure is best with the situation at hand.

Here are some common injuries that athletes face as they compete in the high octane and competitive world of sports.

Hip flexor strain

Quick starts and sudden starts tend to give your hip flexor muscles strain that leads to injuries. These muscles primary function is to lift the knee towards your trunk and assist moving your leg towards the other leg. This muscle becomes weak with excessive sitting and sitting on poor posture.

ACL tear or strain

This kind of injury has been the reason why some competitive athletes take long vacations. It takes a considerable length of time for the injury to heal. To some, ACL Tear means retirement, ACL Tear being a career-ending injury to the unlucky ones.


Young man with trauma of the head

A concussion is the result of a severe blow to the head. Severe cases can cause considerable damage to the brain. An athlete that suffers from a concussion may experience dizziness, headache, confusion, vomiting and slurred speech. Concussion must not be taken lightly because it may lead to more serious medical issues and even death.

Hamstring Injuries

A hamstring injury affects the tendons or the large muscles at the back of the thigh. These occur in different severities where the most severe ones take a longer time to heal. Hamstring pain can vary from mild to severe. A minor one can heal on its own. Severe cases will require doctors intervention.

Tennis or golf elbows

As the name suggests, this form of sports injury is the result of putting too much strain on the dominant hand in these kinds of sports competition. This is the result of making excessive use of the elbows during the course of competition when an athlete gives his all for the love of the game.

Shoulder injuries

Dislocations sprain and strains make up for close to twenty percent of all sports injuries. Sports that require overhead moments such as tennis, volleyball, tennis, swimming, baseball, and basketball can result in injuries of the shoulder.

A more famous example of shoulder injury is the case of a boxing champion of several divisions that had undergone medical surgery to correct the injury sustained from the many battles of a long and distinguished career. Your sports medicine specialist is your perfect partner in the treatment and prevention of sports injuries.

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