Want to know how to fix your broken and stained teeth?

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Have you got one tooth or multiple that are discoloured due to years of smoking and drinking? Maybe your habit of grinding your teeth has worn them down, losing their sharp edges? Veneers, also known as dental porcelain laminates might be the solution to your blunted, disfigured, or stained teeth.

What are they?

Tooth-coloured, paper-thin material that is placed on the front surface of your teeth and bonded with a particular type of cement.

They closely resemble the colour, shape, size or length of real teeth, and are as durable and resilient. Not only do they improve your tooth’s appearance but also give you the freedom of smiling without worrying about how you look in photographs.

Can only one tooth be fixed at a time?

Years of neglect may have left you with not just one unsightly tooth but the whole set. Thanks to the advancements made in dentistry, you can transform your entire mouth in a few sessions in the dentist’s chair.

How it works

white teeth checked by dentist

There are three stages involved. The first is a consultation with your dental practitioner where you express what you want to have done, followed by an examination of your mouth to determine whether the treatment is a suitable solution for you and your unique needs. At this time, various x-rays of your mouth are taken and sent to a laboratory for an in-depth examination.

Stage two is the preparation stage where a few millimeters of enamel is trimmed from your tooth and a dental impression made of your mouth – done to create an outer-shell that closely resembles natural-looking teeth.

It takes two to four weeks for it to be designed and built, which is then followed by the bonding of the porcelain material to your tooth’s surface. Before this can take place, however, your dentist will temporarily place the material over your tooth to assess whether the fit and colour is a suitable match. If there are problems, the tone can be adjusted and the edges further trimmed.

Once ready, the tooth is polished, cleaned and prepared for the bonding – the surface of the tooth needs to be rough for this process to successfully occur – cement is applied to the dental porcelain laminates, which is then applied to the tooth. A laser beam light directed at the tooth activates chemicals within that harden the cement quickly. The excess adhesive is wiped away, and you are left with a tooth that looks new!

A more straightforward solution to braces

Braces are often recommended to people with wide gaps between their teeth when alternative treatments will do. The process is quicker – as outlined earlier it takes three sessions to complete – and just as effective as braces. Dental veneers, being able to withstand wear and tear, allow you to eat, drink and do all the things that are strictly prohibited for those on teeth straightening programs.

Whatever shape, colour or mild tooth misalignment you face, there are many treatments available for people suffering from bad teeth. Treats yours today and boast a broad smile tomorrow.

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