Your Work Attitude Gives You a Fighting Chance

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It may sound like a surprise to dedicated employees, but not everyone dreams of promotion. Most employees just want to get the recognition they deserve from their efforts; they don’t want the added responsibility of a position up the ladder. Whether or not you want a promotion, however, you want to keep your job, at the very least.

And when it comes to that, you have most of the office to compete with. How will you keep your job, then? Try the following:

Look Interested

When employers look around the office looking for hopefuls they want to promote, they find those who don’t just look good on paper. You also want to look the part. Whether or not that means investing in expensive clothes or full micropigmentation, that’s up to you, but when you look good and confident, employers notice you more. They see your positive disposition and think about you being a good asset for the company. Even if the company faces rough times and need to lay off some of its employees, you increase your chances of retaining your job because the company knows you enjoy what you do.

Raise the Bar

You may be one of the best employees in Las Vegas, but if you’ve been too comfortable in your position, you may be slacking off. When you’re too comfortable with your role, you don’t perform at your peak. You look overconfident as if nothing could ever take your job away. While confidence is good, overconfidence may seem like a sign of disrespect to your employers. Instead of being too relaxed in your job, seek to improve yourself and find ways to beat the standards. It’s not enough that you’re reaching your quota; surpass them and prove to the company that you deserve your position. If you’re comfortably nestled midway in the rank of performing employees, deciding to keep you will not be as easy as when you’re consistently at the top.

Stay Focused

woman at her officeAt some point, you may feel fatigued and think it’s time to look for a new job. Opportunities may come along, and the only reason you haven’t left is that your company has decided to match the offer another company has made. Once you’ve already played that card, be careful when you use it again next time another offer comes along. The company may see you as an important employee, and this led to them keeping you and raising your salary, but when this becomes a habit, they might start to question your loyalties. You don’t want to be out of a job, so show your loyalty and focus on your responsibilities instead of entertaining every offer that comes along just to get more money.

Be Involved

The office is a community. Like any community, those who are involved and visible in company gatherings will have a higher chance of keeping their job. You may be a top performer, but if you refuse the help of everyone else, you’re not exactly being a model citizen. Companies prefer team players who can thrive no matter where they’re situated. Show employers you care about the company culture as much as you care about your position.

Though you may not think you can handle a promotion, it’s still good to be at the top of your game. Always be a model employee no matter the job you have.

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