A Visible Difference in Your Smile: The Wonders of Invisalign

Person holding an invisalign
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Have you ever envied those movie stars on the big screen with their perfectly aligned pearly whites? Those teeth that just scream Greek god or goddess? Well, you can put your envy aside because there’s Invisalign in Townsville.

What is Invisalign?

Some say that Invisalign is the “next generation” braces. Simply put, Invisalign is the latest method of teeth straightening, sans metal wires and brackets. It is made of durable and smooth plastic that is custom moulded into transparent aligners which you just snap in place over your teeth. Typically, your dentist will affix clear ridges or attachments onto your teeth which hold the aligner in place. Each set of Invisalign aligners are custom fabricated for each stage of the treatment, based on the mould taken of your teeth.

As with traditional metal braces, the idea is that the constant pressure exerted on the teeth will align them, over a course of time and through a series of adjustments. The apparatus is changed, as necessary, to accommodate the adjustment of your teeth.

Is it for you?

Generally speaking, Invisalign works just as well as traditional braces and may be used for most cases of malocclusion, misalignment and other issues concerning crooked teeth. For best results, your dental practitioner will thoroughly discuss your options based on your specific condition. The beauty of Invisalign, though, is that it allows you to undergo treatment more discreetly.

How it works

Woman wearing an invisalignAs the name implies, Invisalign is practically invisible, so people will not readily notice that you are undergoing treatment for straightening your teeth. The prescribed period for wearing Invisalign is 22 hours per day, even during sleep. Total treatment period is 20 weeks.

Mealtime is not affected as the aligner may be removed before eating. There are no food restrictions, except for coffee and similar beverages. Coffee can cause teeth to yellow, making the Invisalign aligner more conspicuous over time. It is advisable, then, for you to limit your caffeine intake while undergoing Invisalign treatment. The same goes for other dark-coloured beverages like dark tea or red wine.

Cleaning your teeth is accomplished as well in the normal fashion, with proper brushing and flossing daily in order to prevent cavity build-up. Moreover, you are to see your dentist every four to six weeks, in order for him or her to monitor your progress and make adjustments as necessary. At the end of the treatment period, your dentist will remove the dental fasteners.

Are there side effects?

Yes, but nothing that is beyond normal. One would be the mild discomfort in the beginning as the teeth adjust to the pressure, but this doesn’t last very long. Your dentist will take extreme care to space the adjustments to minimise discomfort to you as you’re undergoing treatment.

Your teeth play an important role in giving you confidence – this is why many Australians are concerned about their overall dental health. If crooked teeth are your concern, Invisalign will work wonders for you. Once the treatment is complete, be ready for the compliments from family, friends and even strangers about your celebrity-worthy smile.

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